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For God So Loved

A Seven-Part Study on God's Heart for the World

For God So Loved is a seven-part Bible study that takes you from Genesis to Revelation revealing God's autobiography that He has been writing since the beginning of time. You will gain a better understanding of the Bible as you look at the entire collection of 66 books as one story...God's story. Through the familiar stories, the obscure stories, and even your own story, you will gain a more thorough understanding of God's purposes for mankind.

Regardless of where you are in your faith, this study will deepen your understanding of God, the Bible, the Gospel, and most importantly, God's love for the entire world. With 7 lessons with 3 sub-sections each, this study can be done individually or in a group setting in 7 or 21 sessions. There is a leader's guide, discussion questions after each sections, and a deeper study guide after each lesson.

If you are interested in ordering copies, having Nicole come speak to your church or group, or using any of the content of this study, please contact us.